Chrismukkah 2018

I write this post sitting by our beautifully lit, artificial Christmas tree while Brett and Chip snooze on the couch next to me. Donovan is up in his crib sleeping peacefully. Although my poor baby is sick with a cold, Hanukkah and Christmas was an overall success this year. We are so grateful we were able to spend quality time with our amazing family and friends. The holidays have definitely taken on a new meaning this year with a baby so that means a lot more fun, cuteness, presents, and love.

If there is anything I’ve learned from this holiday season its this:

  • It goes by so fast!

    I was trying my best to slow down and enjoy them moment this holiday season. Its hard when we only have so much time and so many hours in the day! I did purposely carve time out for myself to enjoy a relaxing bath or to enjoy burning my favorite Christmas candles and holiday essential oils. Taking time out for myself always keeps me grounded and much more able to be the best wife and mother to my family. I’m not sure if its because I now have a baby but the holidays go by so fast!

  • I love seeing the joy on my son’s face

    From all the gifts and toys to just spending time together, seeing my son’s face light up was EVERYTHING to me. He definitely opened up a lot more gifts than I did and I actually was more excited about that than anything else. The simplest things can light up his face with a smile and it helps me remember the real joy is in the simplest things.

  • I’m glad its all over

    While I love the holiday season, I’ve realized over the years its more about the anticipation of all the fun rather than the actual holidays. There is a wonderful period of time between Christmas and New Years that I re-set and get ready for the new year. I think about the goals I want to set for the year to come and the changes I want to make. Its like setting a re-set button and starting off fresh and new!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from our family to yours!