Four Unexpected Changes I Experienced During Pregnancy

Since I found out I was pregnant I was so excited and nervous because being a first time mom, I didn't know what to expect from my body. I hear many women share their experiences, odd cravings, emotions and more and the entire process is different for each individual. Since I am entering my seventh month of pregnancy and the third trimester, I know I can expect more changes to come but here are four changes I'v already experienced during this pregnancy thus far.....(TMI Warning in case you want to stop reading here!)


When I was the non-pregnant woman, I never really heard many pregnant people talk about their food aversions. Their cravings, yes but definitely not the food aversions. When I first became pregnant, I expected to have all sorts of cravings but when I could barely eat more than eight things during my first trimester, I had the tendency to avoid more foods that I would normally eat. For example, I usually love lean meats, vegetables and salads. During my first trimester, just the thought of eating any of those foods made me nauseous. It was a little stressful too because I wanted to make sure I was getting all the nutrition in for myself and for the baby. My husband had to cook the meat at dinner because I couldn't stomach the sight or smell of raw meat. I also usually love chocolate and ice cream and didn't want anything to do with either one the firs 12-13 weeks! Those were probably beneficial things to avoid but definitely not like me at all!  Luckily the aversions started to fade away a little after the first trimester and I was back to eating more foods I usually eat. Although, I still struggle on certain days!

2. Changes in my boobs

One of the first signs of knowing you're pregnant is changes in your breasts. At first I was confused because my boobs were very tender but sometimes they get that way right before I get my period so the symptoms can mirror each other in the very beginning before a positive pregnancy test. Since being pregnant, my boobs have been way more sensitive to touch (especially the nipples), they've felt a lot heavier and fuller, and they definitely look different (my nipples are a little darker and more visible veins in my boobs.) They say it is the increase in pregnancy hormones getting your body ready for pregnancy and breastfeeding but I didn't expect the changes to last the whole time! I also didn't expect so many drastic changes to my boobs either. I had to buy a new bra size, racerback the straps for support because my boobs were growing and causing me upper back pain when sitting down.

3. The weepy crying spells

Don't get me wrong-- I totally know pregnancy makes us all more sensitive but what I didn't expect was the uncontrollable crying. The funny thing is, the things I cry about while pregnant aren't that serious (and yes I am aware of this!) For example, I got pissed at my husband when he asked me if he could have more of the covers in bed one night. How dare he ask me for more covers when I'm the pregnant one here. He doesn't care about my needs, only his own! Cue the uncontrollable tears, stuffed up nose from crying so much and running into the bathroom to be by myself. My poor husband had good intentions and even apologized for anything he said to make me upset. I had to explain to him that while I do want to feel like my needs are important to him, especially being pregnant, that I was just going to be crying a lot more often sometimes for valid reasons (ie: an animal commercial on TV, feeling overwhelmed about something in daily life) or for silly reasons. Its just, well...pregnancy...! Being a person that normally cries easily anyway, the difference I notice while pregnant wast the weepy crying that didn't stop for 5-10 minutes. Yes gotta love those hormones!

4. Doing less has been more satisfying

I am a "doer" by nature. I like to keep myself busy and have a lot of things on the agenda from brunches with friends, vacations, shopping, reading, working out and more. Since being pregnant, I'm totally fine with doing much less with my free time. Granted I still get out and do stuff on the weekends, its just my desire to do less has been heightened with pregnancy. My husband and I are totally ok with cooking a dinner together and watching a movie on the weekends. The simpler things in life are much more gratifying. 

Do you have any unexpected changes you've experienced during your pregnancy? I would love to hear more about it in the comments below!