4 Life Lessons I've Learned After 1 Year as a Mother

I am so excited my son Donovan turns 1 year old this Friday. To say that this past year has flown by is truly an understatement. In the beginning I never believed those other parents that would say “enjoy the time now because it goes by so fast! I thought they were legitimately lying! My husband and I have also changed in so many ways and although it can often be stressful and overwhelming, being a parent is the best thing ever. Here are the four life lessons I’ve learned in the last year I’ve spent as a mother:

  1. PATIENCE is truly a virtue

    The best way I’ll sum up the first few weeks of motherhood is OVERWHELMING. From adjusting to having a new baby, allowing my body the time to heal itself, the sleepless nights, learning how to get the breastfeeding rhythm down is all the initial stuff. There is ALSO the stuff you don’t think about until you go through it for yourself. So the anxiety around having a young, energetic dog AND a newborn, cooking or heating up dinner, dishes, keeping the house decent, laundry, forgetting to take something upstairs with me while I have my son in my arms, packing the world when we leave the house, coordinating between hubby and I who will get free time, SHOWERING, not knowing why my son is crying, outside noises that wake him up, the EMOTIONS (the good and the not so positive ones from, well HORMONES), even after those initial weeks, while it did get a lot easier and more enjoyable, it till felt overwhelming that each stage bought a unique challenge of its own. Through the challenges I’ve learned mostly that patience is needed and I was also grateful to have a supportive husband with my on the journey.

  2. JOY has an entirely new meaning

    This one is definitely true. For other mothers out there, I know you understand this one too. When you have your own child, your heart literally explodes with love. I thought I knew love before my son but once he arrived, that love multiplied times a million. Anything simple like him smiling, laughing, hearing a story about a mother and her child and relating to it, watching all the “Firsts” has my heart exploding with love.

  3. Life and the human experience is not uniform

    Especially when it comes to having a baby. Before I gave birth, I thought I had it all figured out. I figured if I can do as much research and prepare my body as much as I can in advance for giving birth and raising a baby, it will go exactly as planned. WELP although I had a great birth experience, many things didn’t go the way I thought they would. For example, I bought my birth ball and my rebozo blanket thinking I’d be using these props during labor. HELL No. I didn’t have any pain medication with my son so the pain was INTENSE and I found myself barely able to move. I found comfort laying on my side with a peanut ball between my legs. I thought I wanted a water birth and the reality was, I wanted OUT of the water within 10 minutes of getting in! When my son was here, I paid close attention to the milestones he “should be” hitting. I compared him to other babies at his daycare. Through all of this, I realized every human being is different and we all have different time tables for development. What works for one person may very well not work for another. I’ve definitely learned this more from having a little person as well.

  4. Time truly flies

    Like I said earlier, this is an understatement. I thought time went by fast before I had a child but that was a joke! The days feel long in the beginning but the days quickly turn into weeks, the weeks into months, and now we are here at almost a year getting ready for his first birthday party. I am learning as the time flies to savor the moments with my child and remembering to be grateful for all of it!

Happy Mother’s Day to ALL Mamas out there <3