How the first few months feel alcohol free

One of the main concerns I had when I was embarking on my new alcohol free lifestyle three and a half years ago was will I stick with it and will I really have any fun living this way? Looking back at this now, I recognize all of this was just fear but if you’re thinking about changing your life and stopping drinking, it is a HUGE transformation for brave souls. So I applaud you for even considering this big change! It definitely takes some time and it isn’t easy. You may also have some questions and uncertainties (which is all normal in the beginning by the way!) It took me two years of alcohol free mini experiments before I fully committed to living without alcohol.

The first few months after I stopped drinking alcohol were empowering, yet very tough. Since I was definitely ready to live this new lifestyle intellectually, I was prepared. I hired a sobriety coach, I had a plan for myself, and I told myself I wasn’t allowed to turn back! This definitely made a huge difference because I was drawing a line for myself in the sand and giving myself the tools to continue showing up and following through. This was my safety net at the time. I also temporarily let alternative fears run the show. For example, my fear of continuing my drinking patterns for the rest of my life seemed more scary than letting things stay status quo. I feared my skin would look old from excessive alcohol use and my health would decline. Although I do not believe replacing fears with other fears is the best course of action always, it worked for me for this situation for sure. It allowed me to stay the course those first few months living alcohol free.

The tough part in the beginning was social events. Drinking was a major part of my life and all of my friends and family drink. When I was asked about it, I just replied that I no longer drink and I feel better when I don’t. it was all true by the way! It was very difficult getting so many questions because I had not yet build up the confidence to stand behind my decision. I often had to plan ahead and use my own escape route when conversations and constant questions got to be too much for me. With the combination of time and having the right coaching support, it got a lot easier. I would highly recommend hiring a coach or an accountability partner for this period in your alcohol free journey.

The feelings of empowerment came after each week that passed. I regularly video journaled my progress and I was able to see how far I came in a short period of time. My skin and eyes also started to glow now that I wasn’t drinking anymore. This was something I heard happens quickly once we stop drinking and I was definitely seeing the physical evidence! The confidence of these small positive changes started to build up over time. Before I knew it I was building my own amazing self care toolbox and I consistently use these to this day. I became addicted to all things self care and it quickly became much more exciting than drinking wine ever was. Sure there were periods of time when I wanted to have wine but as time went on, I thought about it less and less and I continued to remind myself of all the amazing progress I’ve made and all the goodies and my self-care toolbox I have waiting for me at home.

So while the first few months without alcohol can be tough, it is the best feeling of empowerment you will ever feel. All of the things I’ve mentioned above are what I will work with you on as I am building my own alcohol free coaching program. This was such a life changing transformation for me that I decided this is a part of my calling and why I’m here on this earth- to help other women who were in my shoes to become the best versions of themselves when they quit drinking for good.

If you’d like to learn more about what I have to offer, send me a DM. I look forward to working with you!

Much love XO

SobrietyAmanda Kryska