8 Immediate Benefits of Grounding

For centuries grounding has been a way of life and many regularly reaped the health and wellness benefits it provided. What is grounding? It is simply the process of walking, laying, or sitting on the Earth to absorb its natural conductive energy.

The key is that is must be direct contact with the Earth so you must walk barefoot to reap the benefits since most shoes prevent the natural flow of energy. Unfortunately, most of us in modern society spend the majority of our time indoors, preventing us from connecting to the most natural and free source of immediate health and wellness benefits. If I haven’t yet convinced you to try grounding for at least 10 minutes a day, here are eight immediate benefits of grounding:

1. You will feel more calm and less stressed

There is definitely an overall sense of calm that comes over me when I ground myself to the Earth. Whether I am outside laying in the grass or indoors on my carpet, I feel warm, relaxed, at ease, and energized by the natural flow of energy coming through me. I get a calming sense that the Mother Earth has got my back and that I am supported–an immediate calming effect!

2. You will gain better focus

Taking a break from your hectic life can prevent you from becoming too overwhelmed. When we are overwhelmed, we often lack the focus to make wise decisions in our lives. Grounding allows one to let go, freeing up space in our minds and bodies to focus on what really matters.

3. It will reduce your anxiety or depression

In addition to feeling more calm and less stressed, grounding allows one to connect directly to the electron-rich Earth. This connection leads to normalization of the autonomic nervous system and balance of the sympathetic nervous system, leading to less anxiety and depression.

4. It is an immediate mood booster

When the autonomic and sympathetic nervous systems are balanced, there will also be an automatic increase in the hormone serotonin, a natural mood booster.

5. It reduces inflammation

The direct connection to the Earth’s surface and the promotion of free radicals will make your blood naturally thinner and reducing your overall risk of chronic inflammation in your body. Reduction of inflammation will lower your risk of health problems and diseases.

6. Better sleep

A recent study from The Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine found when the participants made grounding a regular part of their daily routine, they not only had increased energy throughout the day, they slept longer and more soundly too.

7. Increased immunity

Since grounding, I rarely get sick anymore. The effects of grounding provide an immediate boost to your immune system by increasing the body’s ability to utilize vitamin D and fight infections and diseases.

8. It slows the aging process

The free radicals in the Earth benefit your skin, greatly reducing the chance of premature wrinkles and aging leaving you feeling and looking healthier and younger.

Grounding is a very easy process that anyone can do in just five minutes a day. Simply find a patch of grass, sand, or dirt, walk barefoot or lay down it it and relax! If the outdoors are not an option due to the weather, laying on the ground in your home is a great alternative option.