My First Trimester Experience

It was September 4, 2017. My period was also officially one day late so I decided it was time for me to test to see if I was pregnant. It was also Labor Day so my husband and I had the day off work and me being the early bird I am, I woke up at my usual 5:30 am because the anticipation was too much for me to handle. I peed in a plastic cup (TMI warning) and proceeded to dip my first pregnancy test in it, put the cap on the test and waited. Within 10 seconds of dipping it, two pink vertical lines immediately began to display on the test.  My heart was pounding, I gasped and quickly covered my mouth so I wouldn't wake up my husband. OMG I'm pregnant I thought to myself as so many emotions were running through me it was hard to process it all at once.  I opened up the two other pregnancy tests I bought, dipped them in the urine cup, sure enough both of those came back positive immediately. I was so excited but I decided not to wake my husband and instead went downstairs for a little while and decided I would tell him over breakfast when he wakes up. 

Around 7:30 am I started cooking some eggs and pancakes, arranged some fruit on a plate and poured our morning coffee. I had already purchased a special coffee cup with the phrase "hello handsome" on the cup and "you're going to be a daddy" at the bottom of the cup that he would read as soon as he finished drinking his coffee. I had a feeling I was pregnant before I found out so I bought the mug out of excitement and what a creative way to tell him the news! As he was eating and "sipping" his coffee, I remember wishing he would just finish the damn cup already. At one point he went into another room to flip on the TV and I rushed to pour some of the coffee he was drinking down the sink. As he came back to sip his coffee, he didn't even notice I poured some of it out and proceeded to ask me what I wanted to do that day. I told him I would like to take a bike ride and that I would like to finish breakfast quickly so we can get outside! As he finished breakfast and the rest of his coffee, he set the mug down without looking at the message at the bottom. I asked him if he saw the message at the bottom of his coffee mug. He glanced over to look then he did a double take. "What, no way?!" He had tears in his eyes and so did I. We were both going to be parents!

I definitely consider myself someone who has a hard time keeping exciting news to myself. I can keep secrets for sure but when it comes to sharing exciting news, I just love to share it! That afternoon I texted my mom, my dad and my sister and they were just as excited as we were. We eventually shared the news with the rest of our immediate families and some very close friends and asked them to keep it quiet until we made our "official" pregnancy announcement around 12 weeks. At that point I was still early, about 5 weeks pregnant so there was still some time to go!

In the beginning I had the feeling my pregnancy would be very easy. And in all honesty, it was but I was also very early along. I also threw up twice within a few days of getting pregnant which I thought was strange At first I thought it was something I ate that day or maybe a stomach flu but the odd thing is, it came and went within a few hours. Something inside of me already knew I was pregnant and it was the shifting hormones that caused my nausea and vomiting. I read message boards and Googled it and everything I read confirmed it would be too early for the nausea to set it if I were pregnant. I couldn't shake the feeling that I was though, I knew my body and something was shifting. 

Fast forward to about week 6 of pregnancy when I was working from home that week housebreaking our new puppy.  My usual routine was to make myself my morning coffee but oddly enough, I didn't want it. I woke up and immediately felt mildly nauseous. I was hungry but I had no desire to eat anything. I thought to myself, this must be morning sickness but I never actually vomited, I just felt nauseous. I remember thinking this would eventually end but unfortunately it didn't. The only thing I felt like eating was tortilla chips, saltine crackers, fast food, and fizzy drinks such as sprite and ginger ale. It was odd because I usually eat pretty healthy and didn't really want any vegetables or couldn't stand the thought of cooking any meat for myself. I would luckily get breaks throughout the day where I didn't really feel nauseous but those were far and few between. It was pretty much an endless experience of mild nausea, heartburn, and food aversions from week 6 through week 14 of my pregnancy. Towards week 9 or 10 the nausea seemed to regularly peak at night for me and I didn't really feel like eating much of anything. 

I remember talking to other women that were pregnant and they reassured me the nausea most likely will pass at some point. I was desperately hoping I wasn't one of those women that suffered with it for the entire 9 months. Sure enough though, they were right and the nausea and heartburn started to gradually decrease right around my thirteenth week and went away by week 14. I felt so grateful I was able to go back to some regular foods especially since the holidays with all the yummy foods were right around the corner. 

The second thing I will share about my first trimester experience is I was SUPER tired. I remember literally falling asleep at my computer screen at work. (You know that kind of tired when you can't keep your eyes open at all!) And I also felt frustrated because I knew there were a lot of great changes happening in my body as my baby was growing but there wasn't many physical changes yet. I wanted to see a little bump but it honestly looked more like I was bloated all the time. As a first time mom, I noticed my bump didn't really become noticeable until week 15 or 16. It was around that time I started getting questions from people at work. At some point, I need to write another blog topic on this one but people say the silliest things when you're pregnant! All boundaries and parameters quickly go out the door so make sure you protect yourself emotionally during this time mamas!


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