Unconditionally Following the Soul's Path and True Desires

I often think about how each individual person perceives his or her own reality and authentically connects with the core of who he or she is supposed to be. At birth we are born perfectly into a human body and an individual experience of the world. We are perfect to the universe, to God, to Buddha, Allah, to the earth or whatever or whoever we choose to worship, or not. It is our perception of our individual experiences that shape our reality and this is created at a young age. There are plenty of positive life experiences we remember and cherish and there is also the contrast, or the negative experiences of what we believe and what the world tells us is real at a young age. Instead of challenging these beliefs or learning from them, we often bury the pain of them deep in our subconscious minds and energetically carry the stories around with us that have not been healed from the past. These beliefs we develop about ourselves throughout life come from unresolved pain early on and are also called “blocks.” These blocks can prevent us from stepping into our true power, connecting deeply with our souls, and to live the life we really want for ourselves.

The soul always knows the truth. The trouble is that sometimes it takes us awhile to consciously remember why our souls came to this planet to live in our physical bodies the first place. Often the pain we experienced early on in life shapes the specific lens of how we experience the world. For example, I remember talking to my third grade teacher about how much I love to write and how I wanted to be a writer when I grew up. She said “honey that is a nice idea as a hobby, but it is not really a viable career choice.” Immediately, I internalized writing as merely a hobby and not something I can never build a career from, as this option was off the table for me. Why? Because she was my teacher and I trusted her authority and professional opinion. Is there a degree of truth to her statement? Maybe. That isn’t the point here though. One of my soul’s desires is to write. The feeling I get when I am writing is freedom, expansiveness, creativity, authenticity, and pure bliss. My teacher may have been well-intentioned in her statement to me, however as an adult I realized that she was talking to me through her own perception of reality and the way things were for her in her own experience. As a result, for a long time I believed that writing was a hobby and that I should choose a more practical, conventional option as a career choice.

And that is not to say that one has to monetize every passion we have and make it into our career. My story is just an example of how we can view the world through our perceptions and ignore what our soul calls us to do in our lives. So how do we connect to what our soul really wants and desires? In all honesty, it takes work because we have to remember who we truly are. This is something I am going through personally right now. It is peeling back the layers like an onion and slowly removing all the masks we have put on throughout our lives that hide our true selves from the world. How can we do this? Meditation, journaling, being in nature, drawing, painting, singing, dancing are all great places to start  What many people call, “connecting with our inner child” is the easiest way to explain it. It is doing the things that make our heart flutter with excitement. It is not placing the expectation for happiness on external conditions because it will set people up for disappointment every time. Connecting with our inner child or what our soul truly desires is simple if we learn to let go of the conditions surrounding it. How do we do this? Simply focus on the joy or the positive feelings certain experiences bring into your life. It does not have to be too complicated and if this desire is coming from the soul, it most likely is very simple. For example, I often hear people tell me that they would love to do more things they love..maybe its painting, golfing, or taking a trip to somewhere exotic. Soon enough after they say this, they quickly follow up with, “but….I have kids, but…I don’t have any time, I’m so busy, but…I don’t have enough money..but I am too old for that. The list of excuses go on and on. Making excuses for not doing things we love is like choosing not to breathe. We need to implement activities that help us connect with our soul’s desires on a daily basis. If we continuously ignore the things we know damn well we need to do, the whisper of our souls become a roar. The “roar” often comes at a point when our bodies and minds have given up on us or we become burnt out. This can often manifest into physical symptoms and illnesses. Don’t go here or get to this point, seriously. If there is anything you can take away from this article, it is to live your life fully and passionately TODAY. It does not have to be a big change, just get started.

How can one begin to live life this way? Start out simple and make sure it happens often. Rome was not built in a day and neither is discovering what we truly love and discovering what moves us. For example, I love to write, stretch, take warm epsom baths, create beautiful floral and plant arrangements, and spend time with people I love having deep conversations and laughing often. These things are non-negotiables for me and I even schedule some of these activities in my Google calendar. The key is focusing on the feelings, not the conditions. How do I feel when I write? How do I feel when I stretch and feel at one with my body, mind and spirit? For example, if I say I stretch to get a lean, yoga body to get more positive attention from my husband, that is an external condition and desire for doing what I do. Sure we all want to be loved, appreciated and recognized by other people, but don’t let the condition be the motivation for feeling good. Feel good for the hell of it and trust me, the “conditions” that reflect your experience will be there or “show up” no matter what.

We often create more complications in our lives than there needs to be. The simple awareness of knowing what brings us joy and actively choosing to take the path of least resistance is key. (ie, choosing to stay in, eat macaroni and cheese and catch up on Netflix instead of going out to your friend’s party is more than ok.) The key here is it is ok to say no to the things you don’t want to do more often and yes to the things that bring you most joy. Sometimes we choose to do things we don’t want to do and that is ok too. Just make sure something joyful is scheduled to enjoy after or before the thing that you don’t want to do. The clarity on doing things we love comes from engagement in the activities, not thinking about them or why they will not work. My challenge to you? Schedule at least three things in your calendar (you can use an actual calendar or an online version) this week that makes you truly happy. See how your life begins to shift and you will thank me later